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Tree Removal St Paul, MN.

Tree Removal St Paul

When it comes to tree removal services in Saint Paul, MN. We like to consider ourselves as being amongst the best services in the area. We have over a decade of experience with everything from emergency tree removal to stump removal services.
One of the big reasons why we continue to be the service of choice for many residents in the twin cities is the fact that our team is fully licensed and insured. Plus, our is a locally owned and operated company providing an array of tree care services. So, whether you need professional stump grinding, tree removal, or a crane service our team is just one call away. tree removal st paul

Big Or Small We Cut Em All

No Tree Removal is too Difficult for Us

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We understand if you feel uncomfortable using a chainsaw. Many homeowners may find that some professionals may not want to deal with unusually large trees which may be at an angle. However, when you hire our team, there is no tree removal that we can’t accomplish for you. Not only that but we have arborists who can examine your trees to ensure that only ones that are dying are removed. Also, that the removal process is thorough without damaging adjoining trees in your yard.

Our arborists are fully certified and will fill you in on what needs to be done to maintain the health of the trees on your property. They will also help to identify potentially dangerous trees which can cause property damage in the event of strong winds, storms or heavy snowfall. That way, you can get rid of a potential problem before it causes any damage.

Storms happen around the year, and they can strike at any season. Storms can be the most damaging to old and often dying trees. If a tree is old and weak, or the storm is very strong it can end up damaging the tree in a way which makes it hazardous. Strong winds can cause trees to easily blow over or at least branches to break off and smash into your property, family members and people passing by.

Heavy snow may also pile up on trees which making it impossible for it to withstand all that additional weight. So, if you happen to experience snowstorms and there are many trees on your property, hiring an emergency tree removal service is important.

Our emergency tree removal service in Saint Paul can be called when parts of a tree have become dangerous. Think of our emergency removal services as being a preventive measure. We deal with trees that are leaning, partially broken, or ones that are dead. We make sure to clear away a hazardous tree before it ends up causing additional problems or just makes your properly look shabby.

Stump Removal And Stump Grinding In St Paul, MN.

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Once a tree has been taken down, there is still the stump which you have to deal with before things go out of hand. Our stump removal procedure uses what is called a stump grinding machine. The machine grinds the stump down to nothing. However, the biggest challenge when it comes to stump removal is accessibility, and that’s what separates professionals like us from others in the area.

Various scenarios can alter how the stump is removed. We often have to deal with patios, landscapes, fences, structures, slopes and stairs, etc. That’s why just bringing in a machine to remove the stump isn’t the only consideration.

Another crucial aspect of stump removal in St. Paul is dealing with surface roots. Surface roots can be of an issue with trees like maple which may be growing in your back yard. So, simply removing the roots will not help to fix the problem as it can cause an otherwise healthy tree’s health to go into decline.

If you just have a stump it can cause it to rot. That’s why we have an arborist on board who can help you decide how to best handle the problem. In most cases, if the roots need to be pruned or removed the tree will have to be removed too. Simply grinding roots may not always work but we can help you with it too.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

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Many people assume that pruning or trimming a tree is simple enough. After all, hacking off a couple of branches isn’t an issue. However, in reality it is a dangerous job and requires experience. Cut the wrong branches or do an incomplete cut and your tree becomes a standing hazard for everyone.

The other thing you need to consider is the fact that if you lop too many branches off at the wrong time of the year, it will destroy the health of your tree. We know that our professionals can make trimming look simple, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. It is important to know which areas to avoid and at what point it is best to stop cutting branches so that the tree does not go into shock.

So, if you care about the health of your tree, then the only way to assure it while getting it pruned is to hire a team like ours. When we trim branches your tree will not die or become sick mainly because our experienced and certified professionals have successfully completed hundreds of similar jobs over the years.

Land Clearing Services in St Paul, MN.

Tree Removal Saint Paul mn

If you have decided to build a home on your property, the first step would be to clear it. That’s where our land cleaning service comes in. Sure, some construction contractors can also clear the land, but we do in a way so that the roots and other remnants of the trees that are removed do not hinder construction or the integrity of the soil. Our tree removal service is also faster and more precise compared to the job done by most construction contractors making us your best option.

We remove weeds, tangled wines, dead roots, and many other natural obstacles that most people only find out about when they start clearing the land for construction. Unlike renting heavy machinery by choosing us, you get to keep the trees you want. That means we can selectively remove trees around the intended construction area.

Don’t spend a small fortune renting equipment and trying to do it yourself. If anything, it is a job that can take weeks, and for someone with little experience, it can be dangerous. Our team ensures that the job of clearing your property is done professionally and exactly as required to make way for a great-looking home.

How Our Tree Removal Service in St Paul Works?

When you call us to remove a tree or multiple trees, the first thing we do is to arrive at your location with all the required equipment and examine the trees that need to be removed. The goal here is to come up with the best plan to safely remove these trees. However, we generally start with removing the branches and then finish off with grinding the stump, if that’s what you need us to do and we have being hire to do. Also, before leaving, we’ll take care of the debris and clean up the area. .

The first step to tree removal, especially for large trees is to start the process from the top. Once the limbs aka branches are removed, we slowly work our way to the bottom. However, depending on the age, length, and location of the tree you might just require that we remove a few branches so that your yard looks nice and safe.

Once the branches are removed, we deliver the main cuts to the base of the tree. The goal here is to set up the direction in which the tree falls. The first cut is at the top, and then the second is towards the middle, which is followed by one that’s halfway down the tree and joins the first cut. So, what this looks like is a triangle. Once that piece is removed all that’s required is a push and the tree falls.

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Saint Paul’s urban and rural landscape can be challenging for tree removal especially if the trees are in your backyard. However, when it comes to challenging tree removal we often find ourselves employing unique yet highly effective methods. Unlike other companies we don’t give up on the challenge but will work with you to completely remove any tree.

We are urban landscape experts who can handle everything. You can count on us for everything from tree trimming to complete tree removal and stump removal which can otherwise be difficult owing to site accessibility hindered by the presence of property boundaries and power lines. Then there are city permits and safety that needs to be considered. The best way to overcome any challenge and have the peace of mind knowing that experts are handling everything for you is to hire us today. Call our team for all types of tree removal, stump removal, and pruning today.

We also have a licensed arborist on stuff to better assis you with any deceased tree issues and questions you might have.

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