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Tree Removal Service Richfield MN

Even when you have a dedicated landscaping services provider visit your home on schedule, your trees are always the things that look the worst. Unfortunately, many tree removal companies only know how to handle one or two things, leaving your trees at risk every time.

Instead, Midwest Tree Removal Service provides the tree care solutions your home or business needs, all at the most affordable pricing possible. Whether you need us to cut them down or just trim them to help to better maintain them, we provide the services you will always need.

See why more Richfield MN residents trust us for all their tree services. 

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Professional Tree Services You Can Rely On

It’s best to leave the tree removal services to the professionals when it comes to your Richfield, MN home. In Richfield, MN, Midwest Tree Removal will ensure that the problem tree is removed fully and safely without causing damage to the surrounding property. We are glad to provide fast and skilled tree trimming and tree removal services in Richfield, MN, and also emergency tree removal services available 24 hours a day.

Tree removal is a dangerous job that should only be performed by professional arborists and trained and experienced tree experts. The tree removal professionals you hire in Richfield, MN must be highly trained and have a strong passion for what they’re doing. A single mistake could result in serious injury or damage. Because there are no licensing laws that regulate or monitor safety standards in this industry, choosing the perfect tree care company to remove your tree is a serious decision. Consumers must be careful to distinguish between companies that invest in a deeply rooted culture of safety and those that offer inexpensive pricing at the expense of putting their staff and clients at risk.

Before you decide to remove a tree, you should consider the following factors:

  • Is it at risk of falling on people or structures?
  • How much of the tree has been damaged?
  • Has the majority of the tree’s interior been hollowed out or removed?
  • Is the tree losing huge branches?
  • Is the tree dangerously leaning?
  • Will the removal of the tree, benefit the growth of other trees?
  • Does the tree’s location obstruct traffic flow, etc.?
  • Is there any historical or sentimental significance to the tree?

Commercial Tree Removal

At Midwest Tree Removal, we provide safe and efficient commercial tree removal services to local businesses near in Richfield, MN, ensuring a more beautiful and safer environment. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional image, that’s why we’re committed to helping businesses keep their premises neat and attractive. We respond promptly to emergencies, ensuring that any hazardous tree is removed swiftly and safely. Our skilled team is well-trained in stump grinding and root removal, leaving your commercial property clean and ready for use. We’re not just removing trees such as Palms, we’re also providing peace of mind. Trust us to handle your commercial tree removal needs, and experience the difference that a clear, usable space can make to your business environment.

Residential Tree Removal

When it comes to residential tree removal, we’ve got you covered, providing homeowners in Richfield, MN, with safe, efficient, and prompt services. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your yard is safer and more beautiful. We’re not just about removing trees and tree limbs, we also offer stump grinding and removal to give you clear, usable space. We understand the investment you’ve made in your property, and we’re here to help protect that. Our cheap service doesn’t stop at regular removals, we’re also prepared for emergencies. Should a tree fall unexpectedly, we’ll be there promptly to handle the situation. With Midwest Tree Removal, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your property is in capable hands.

Common Tree Diseases

One of the main reasons for tree death and removal is the disease. While some tree diseases can be treated if caught early enough, diseases often cause long-term structural damage to the tree, causing it to weaken, decrease its lifespan, and become a hazard. If a tree on your property shows signs of disease, an arborist can advise you on whether the tree should be treated or removed.

  • An infection that takes root in an open wound on a tree branch or trunk is known as canker disease. Various types of fungus and bacteria cause this disease. On the branches or bark of a tree, canker disease appears as an area of rougher, calloused bark or pimple-like structures.
  • The fungus that causes heart rot disease is one of several species that can enter a tree through an open wound. Wood rot, hollowed-out areas on the affected trunk or branches, and the appearance of mushrooms or fungus on the tree are all signs of this disease.
  • Verticillium wilt disease is a fungus that damages a tree’s roots first, lightening the color of its leaves. The leaves will eventually wilt and go out of season. Verticillium wilt disease is highly contagious; thus, affected trees should be removed as soon as possible to avoid transmission.

Why You Need Complete Tree Removal

Many homeowners think removing only the trunk and upper branches of a problematic tree is a more cost-effective option than complete tree removal. However, the stump that is left behind may cause issues on your property. Call Midwest Tree Removal at 651-401-8182 today if you need tree removal or tree stump removal in Richfield, MN.

  • Dead tree stumps are an eyesore that detracts from your property’s value and curb appeal.
  • Tree stumps serve as breeding grounds for insects and other pests, attracting ants, termites, and rodents to your property.
  • A tripping hazard for children or dogs can be a tree stump. When mowing or caring for your grass, it is also inconvenient and dangerous to maneuver around.
  • Tree stumps obstruct your yard’s visual and physical space, making it appear smaller and less desirable.
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Why Choose Midwest Tree Removal Service In Richfield MN?

Trees are more treacherous to work with than they may first appear. They are even more dangerous to those who aren’t sure how to maintain them.

For more than ten years of services, we’ve helped homeowners save on affordable solutions that leave their yards safer and healthier.

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Whatever species of plants that you have, or what their current status might be, our experienced service technicians know just what to do on every call that we receive. From providing better quality for monthly trimming, to faster response times during emergency removals, we keep you safer for less every day.

If you aren’t sure how to tend to your trees, you need us for help now. Choose Midwest Tree Removal today.

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